Remi’s Story

Born in Poland, Remi Swierczek is a life time inventor and entrepreneur. Prior to starting his business ventures, he heldRemi Swierczek- Music Industry RX various engineering positions.

In addition to his role in creating, Remi was previously a New Product Development Engineer with 3M where he was the recipient of many internal awards, including Golden Step Award for designing new Patented technology  which was implemented into HP printers, Motorola cell phones, including iconic MicroTac as well as in majority of hard drives produced in the 1990s.

As a consultant to the gaming industry, Remi has helped  to revolutionize the handling of cash in the casinos. His Patent allowed for creation of Mico-Changer and was implemented for a first time in the brand new Trump Taj Mahal Casino. This innovative device  was a breakthrough in a cash management for the gaming industry.

In 1992, Remi returned to Poland, recently unshackled from communism, and sold a few billion dollars of milk and juice cartons for International Paper under his Remex venture.

The business related departure from United States was also the  trigger for his music interests. There was  many music discovery sources in Poland but no well stocked BestBuy, Coconuts  or  CDNow music stores. His devotion and madness related to the acquisition of  music has made him a permanent observer of the industry. His Music Identification Patent  #6,941,275 which governs some well known music  ID services has been  weakened by  Blackberry – NTP 612 million dollar patent precedent which allows entity operating from outside US  (i.e. Ontario, London or Tijuana) to support piracy and continued demolition of music industry.

The ongoing frustration, 2012 disastrous sales data, Apple’s iTunes first quarter sales decline and pitch by Shazam at this month NARM event has  moved Remi to start this blog and file  for a new Discovery Moment Media Monetization Patent.

He hopes to bring a lot of fresh air and fairness to all players in the music industry.

He firmly believes that current goodwill hidden in the Music Industry  is worth over 100 billion in annual sales.  There are just few easy to cure issues that keep the once 40 billion dollar business at a  $16 billion mark.

When he is not developing breakthrough ideas for technology,  coordinating efforts for Bestlaminate or dwelling on music, Remi enjoys spending his free time with his wife Kasia and two kids Viena and Kuba skiing, sailing and traveling.